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Graduation Requirements

Student putting food on their lunch tray

Requirements for the class of 2022 and beyond

College and Career Readiness Demonstrations

In addition to the 23 credits listed above, the Class of 2022 and beyond are required to demonstrate College and Career Readiness in both English and mathematics by achieving a minimum score in at least ONE of the competency demonstrations. The menu of options for demonstrating competency is below. Students are only required to meet one demonstration in each area of English and math and those demonstrations can be met using different assessments. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the lack of testing options for the class of 2021, the College and Career Readiness Demonstrations were waived for the graduates of 2021 by the Five Star School Board of Education.  If a student did not graduate with the class of 2021, they will be required to demonstrate proficiency in the College and Career Readiness Demonstration as the waiver was for one year only.